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George Myer Company, Inc.

The industry leader in Large Bore / High Pressure Hose Couplings



For over a half century, the George Myer Company has proven itself to be the leading designer and manufacturer of high pressure and large bore swage fittings for the toughest applications in the energy, marine and petrochemical industries. Since 1953 the GMCO brand of high performance swage couplings have been engineered and designed to provide the safety and reliability that the industry demands.

The GMCO design is simple but the performance is impressive. Design variables of fittings length, ferrule wall thickness and serrations provide for installations ranging from lightweight industrial hose all the way up to working pressures of 7,500 psi and higher.

Keep in mind, all GMCO brand fittings can be crimped or swaged.

The full range of George Myer products and services include:


         GMCO Heavy Duty Industrial Swage/Crimp Couplings

o       The largest heaviest standard line of fittings in the industry.

o       2 through 12 with every conceivable end configuration.

         GMCO High Pressure Industrial Swage/Crimp Couplings

o       The only full high Pressure Fitting Line in the industry.

o       2 through 10 up to 3000 psi

         GMCO Oil Field Drilling Couplings

o       Setting the industry standard for over 12 years

o       Full line of Slim Hole, API Grade D, API Grade E Rotary Drilling Couplings

o       Working Pressures up to 7,500 psi with burst pressures exceeding 30,000 psi

o       10K and 15K Choke & Kill couplings coming soon

         GMCO Hydraulic Swage/Crimp Couplings

o       Pressure and suction and return applications up to 4

         GMCO High Pressure Hydraulic Swage/Crimp Couplings

o       2 through 3 sizes with working pressures up to 5,000 psi

         GMCO Swage Presses & Tooling

o       Presses capable of swaging 12 couplings

o       Tonnage rating up to 280-tons of swaging force

o       High quality custom made swage dies & tooling

         Complete Hose Assemblies

o       Complete fabricated assemblies with GMCO stocked hose

o       Complete fabricated assemblies with your hose.

         Custom Designed Couplings

o       The custom coupling designer since 1953.

Quality, service and design have always been that standard at George Myer. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your requirements.

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